We keep falling in love.

You know exactly what we are talking about, it happens to us all.

For most of us it’s one or maybe two great loves, for us its over 50.

Obscene NO, excessive YES. It has to stop or at least slow.

It’s the VEH competition team riders, they just want to keep everything.

It’s understandable, we breed beautiful talented horses with the genetics and temperament to succeed.

We’ve had great success with our horses....I’m talking myself out of this decision I need to move on.

The solution to our situation of excess is to offer for sale six pregnant broodmares from the herd of twelve.

We struggled with which six to sell as we would happily keep them all, so you choose.

Nine are carrying mares as pictured and three are recipient mares. Superior genetics at excellent prices.

Please hurry, any excuse and we will keep them all.

Pop onto the website for more information or call, we love talking horse.

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